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Chiperlaterart Party: The Board Game

During lockdown Daniel Oliver had a bawdy anxiety dream that he got stuck in a board-game about performance art and time travel. This is the live game of the performance of that board-game from that dream.

It will be like that cartoon about dungeons and dragons called Dungeons and Dragons where they all got stuck on that fair ride, but with less encounters with wizards and more encounters with half-imagined transgressive performance art. It will be like those online Escape Room games that you see advertised on the internet but made by a dyspraxic who doesn’t really know what they are. It will be like that amazing performance art festival that you went to that changed your life probably in a good way.

Who’s that mysterious person playdough person in the bar? Where has Andy Spinkle gone and why has he stolen the projector?  What’s at stake if you pretend to take your clothes off for an imaginary large-scale immersive performance? What’s at stake if you say that you pretend that you won’t but you actually pretend that you will anyway? What’s in that cupboard? What’s Daniel really up to?  

Join performance-artist-cum-games-master-cum-dream-master Daniel Oliver to find out. Maybe.

Co-performer: Claudia Palazzo
Live Music by Steve Blake

Commissioned by Cambridge Junction

CLAY, Leeds, next Friday 6th May -

Cambridge Junction, Cambridge, Friday 13th May -

Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, Wednesday 18th May -

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