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" Just the thought of Daniel Oliver's sardonically sweet, grimly optimistic work makes me break out in sweat. I love it, like the way the tree loves the axe! ” - Stacy Makishi (Performance Artist)


I make participatory performances. They mix pre-planned words and actions with last minute event-specific decision making and improvised dialogue with participants. They layer precariously maintained fantasies with clunky, immanent reality, foregrounding the liveness inherent in working with unprepared participants. They are unashamedly dyspraxic, embracing my lightly off-kilter relationship with co-ordination, social interaction and executive planning.


The performances are complexly structured, stubbornly irreverent, and indulge a raucous, homemade aesthetic and tone. They emerge as farcical dictatorships, held together with parcel tape, decorated in mud and tinfoil, and always on the brink of collapse.

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