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N e u r o d i v e r s i t y
L o n g  T a b l e

The Neurodiversity Long Tables are discursive events bring together artists, makers, experts, and non-‘neurotypicals’ to propose and reflect on connections between contemporary performance practices and positive approaches to the diversity of ways of cognitively and emotionally experiencing, describing and relating to the world and each other.


The events use the Long Table format, invented by Lois Weaver. 12 people sit around a long table covered by microphones and a paper table cloth whilst up to 40 watch and listen from close by. All present are invited to the table to speak in a rolling discussion and the results are recorded. I invite 3 people to present short, interesting and provocative pieces to stimulate the discussion. Previous speakers/performers include Luke Ferris, James ‘The Vacuum Cleaner’, Ellie Stamp, Jess Thom (Touretteshero), Ralph Dorey, Simon Raven, Katherine Arienello, Jenna Finch, Annette Foster, Shaun May, Rob Chapman.

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