Weird Séances are raucously deconstructionist, roughly layered participatory performances about participatory performance.


Each show is haphazardly crow-barred into its site and context; rejigged, added to, undone and perverted so that no two performances are the same. 


We are in the future looking back on the traumatic incident that occurred right here, in this space, during Daniel’s show.


Returning to the site to partially reconstruct the tragic performance, to discuss blame, and to attempt to make amends with those who survived.

Performed at the Barbican as part of the SPILL Showcase 2015

Also performed at Steakhouse Live, Toynbee Studio; Duckie, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London; Colchester Art Centre; Norwich Art Centre; Reactor Halls, Primary, Nottingham; Live Art Bistro, Leeds; Lakeside Theatre, Essex University; Forest Fringe, Edinburgh; Zizek Studies Conferance, Cincinnatti; Peopling the Palace, Queen Mary University of London, Poetry Library, Royal Festival Hall, London; Whitstable Biennale; Lewisham Arthouse; Latitude Festival.

'Beginning as a bumble and closing in a hilarious, warm, merciless satire of the conventions of live art, it blasts any concerns about sentiment or self-congratulation into jagged fragments'. 5 STARS
THE STAGE - Review of Weird Seance: MAX DYSPR-AXES
Forest Fringe, 2016